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In Memoriam - Avi Sadeh, D.Sc. (1957-2016)


Professor Avi Sadeh, a world leader in the field of pediatric sleep, died on September 19, 2016. Avi published over 150 scientific papers and book chapters on a wide range of subjects in pediatric sleep and child development. He was a pioneer in the area of objective assessment of sleep with actigraphy and in the area of psychological interventions for sleep problems in children. He was also known for his extensive contribution to the understanding of the development of sleep disorders in children and how they relate to cognitive and emotional functioning.

I am grateful to Avi for the many precious years of mentorship, collaboration and friendship. He was a brilliant and creative researcher, teacher and clinician who will always be remembered as a remarkably caring, generous, respectful and thoughtful person. 

I will do my best to continue his scientific and clinical work and to carry out his legacy.


Liat Tikotzky

An obituary that describes in detail Avi’s contribution to the scientific and clinical world. Published in Behavioral Sleep Medicine.



More Links about Avi Sadeh and his work:

An article on Avi written by Amalia Rozenbum (Hebrew)

A song written by Avi's niece, Hi-Li Lev, a few days after he passed away.

A symposium in memory of Avi organized by the Israel Sleep Research Society, March 2017 (Hebrew)

A colloquium in memory of Avi organized by the clinical track, School of Psychological Sciences, Tel Aviv University, January, 2016 (Hebrew)

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